Direct scanning of incoming invoices in SAP with the inPuncto
scan application

Simple invoice processing for a customer Customer project in the field of invoice processing successfully completed

At the end of 2018, the project “Direct scanning of incoming invoices in SAP” was successfully completed for our customer, a supplier of optical components for laser technology. Our customer employs more than 280 employees at the location in Germany.


inPuncto add-on in the standard configuration meets all customer requirements

Our customer contacted us in order to find a solution that would allow him to optimize the scanning of incoming invoices. Since the inPuncto SAP scanner software biz²Scanner already has all the functions that the customer needed, the integration into the existing SAP system of our customer could be carried out without further adjustments.

Successful implementation of software for direct scanning of incoming invoices

In order to fulfill the requirements of our customer, we integrated our scan application biz²Scanner into the booking process of the SAP transactions FB60 and MIRO. This will cause the Scan-Client biz²Scanner to be invoked automatically every time a booking is made. The biz²Scanner then communicates with a local document scanner via TWAIN / USB, the invoice is scanned and archived in the SAP archive system. The archived invoice is linked to the SAP object (posted document) via ArchiveLink and can be called up via the asset list of the SAP object.

It is also planned that our archive software biz²Archiver will later be implemented in the SAP system of our customer.

Smooth integration of the inPuncto software into the existing SAP system

The customer is very satisfied with the project implementation and now, with the help of our solution, can process incoming invoices not only easier, but also faster and more efficiently. In addition, our easy-to-use add-on does not require time-consuming training so employees can get started right after a brief introduction.