Move emails directly from Outlook to SAP using drag and drop

emails directly from Outlook to SAP using drag and dropDrag and drop function of the inPuncto Add-on: you can move Archive Link or Office documents in SAP just easy

With the inPuncto software biz²Office you can easily and securely integrate business-relevant MS documents and emails into SAP Office. In addition, the tool enables data exchange between SAP and MS Office documents quickly and easily!
SAP users sometimes want not only send emails, but they need to store their content in SAP. When saving the files, the document-specific criteria are queried and then added to the system.

In the last update (version 5.1.38), the tool was extended by the drag and drop mechanism in the Archive Link environment: It is now possible to store Archive Link or SAP Office documents directly in SAP. It can be determined whether the complete email or only individual contents (for example in PDF format) are stored. In addition, the user can select an archive document type and conveniently view the document information (title, creator name, creation date) in SAP Office documents.

inPuncto biz²Office brings you the following advantages:

  • Storage of incoming emails directly via drag and drop into SAP (now possible both in the DMS environment and in the Archive Link environment!)
  • Display of the emails in the attachment list of the SAP object
  • Display of emails with Outlook out of SAP
  • Mails can always be accessible via the ArchiveLink interface in their original form.

If you have any questions about our solution for SAP, feel free to contact our support team!
Further possibilities with the drag and drop module of inPuncto biz²Office.