Mobile app and web solution for SAP invoice release by inPuncto has been updated

Mobile app and web solution for SAP invoice release with new updateA performance update of the SAP Mobile clients biz²DocumentControl@Mobile (V1.4.30 (iOS) & V1.2.27 (Android)) and biz²DocumentControl@Web V1.2.0 extends the functionality and security of invoice processing

biz²DocumentControl@Mobile and biz²DocumentControl@Web are special mobile workflow management applications that allow users to edit (approve, reject or comment) invoices. The communication between the app / web user and SAP is controlled by the inPuncto biz²WebServer.

All employees involved in the process can be integrated into the FI workflow process. For the mobile solution for SAP, we offer an app for iOS and Android, while the web solution (in the form of a portal) can be reached via the Internet browser.

All app / web users are maintained with specific invoicing scenario authorizations in SAP. By logging in via the app or via the portal, the mobile user receives a list of invoices that have been forwarded to him by SAP. In addition, in his user interface he can also understand previous processing steps. Even after the invoices have been processed, the user can observe the further processing of invoices by other users within a certain period of time.

The new version of a mobile app & a web solution brings the following benefits:

  • Improved performance and functionality
  • New features in document presentation
  • Extended security through additional password request
  • Improved interface
  • Further optimizations

If you would like to get to know the inPuncto workflow app and web solution in more detail, take a look at our webinar program on “Mobile solution for incoming invoices via app or web for SAP”.
If you have any questions about the new features of the inPuncto workflow app and web solution, feel free to contact our support team.