Drag&drop solution for SAP: Easilly move files from your computer


using drag & drop to move files from computer to SAP Many companies uses files in different forms (Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG) and save them in different folder structures and registers. To get the files in order and to get access from anywhere the files should be transferred or copied into SAP.

For this case inPuncto developed the biz²Office. With this tool files or even whole folders can be moved from Windows to SAP via drag&drop.

Drag&drop software by inPuncto

And this is how the software works: One the one hand there is the windows world with is files and folder structure, and on the other hand there is the SAP world. The link between these two worlds is the biz²Office, better said the module drag&drop.
This module contains a mini explorer, who can be used to pick out the files and who makes sure the software is compatible with citrix solutions.

In this mini explorer you can know, by using the known Windows shortcuts, pick out the files you want to move to SAP via drag&drop. When you move the files they will be deleted in Windows. To move or copy the chosen files you need to chose a document type in the drag&drop module, so that a connection of objects to a debitor can be demanded. Aftterwards you can wirte a description and with one click it will be applied to SAP. From the drag&drop module you can now watch the applied document record.

If you have any further questions about our drag&drop solution you can contact us