Nordsee Medienverbund (NORDSEE-ZEITUNG GmbH)

Optimization of the incoming invoice audit (with and without order)

digital invoice audit of incoming invoices with inPuncto SoftwareCompany size: approx. 1300 employees in numerous companies (including NORDSEE-ZEITUNG)

Branch: media

Country: Germany

Challenge: automation of the incoming invoice audit and visualization of the payment run with the document browser biz²Explorer

Used modules for the realisation of the solution: biz²Scanner, biz²DocumentControl, biz²ScanServer, biz²Explorer

Concerning department: accounting, purchase und divisions

Project description: With the different inPuncto add ons for SAP, the automated invoices processing of paper-based and electronic invoices could be realized. Paper-based invoices can be scanned in a pile and then read automatically by the mass processor biz²ScanServer and released via a pre-defined workflow.

Usage: With the automation of the incoming invoice audit and release via workflow, the company saves a lote of time and gets a better overview of all incoming invoices and their editing status.

Company description: The NORDSEE MEDIENVERBUND – one strong community

The NORDSEE MEDIENVERBUND symbolizes the coalition of multiple regional companies in the media sector in the Elbe-Weser-area (newspapers, publishers, printers), as well as connected service companies, digitalisation and production, transport and distribution of media in different ways. Currently, nine companies and 1300 employees are connected.

The umbrella brand NORDSEE MEDIENVERBUND stands for performance and innovation, product and service quality, competence in every company and a social and ecological responsibility.

The NORDSEE-ZEITUNG is one of four newspapers in the umbrella brand. The NORDSEE-ZEITUNG GmbH is the leading newspaper for Bremerhaven and the area of Cuxhaven. The NORDSEE-ZEITUNG GmbH conducts the bookkeeping for the umbrella brand.

Here you can read the reference story “Digital audit & optimization of the incoming invoice processing: Nordsee-Zeitung” as PDF.

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