BAM Germany AG

Automated invoice processing of different document types in SAP

BAM Germany automates SAP invoice processing with inPuncto
Company size:
approx. 900 employees at 6 locations

Branch: Construction Industry

Country: Germany (Stuttgart)

Challenge: Specific processing of different types of documents, so that documents, e.g. classified, edited and filed according to confidentiality, project or cost center.

Used modules for the realisation of the solution: biz²DocumentControl, biz²ScanServer

Concerning departments: accounting

Project description: At BAM Germany, every employee in Accounts Payable Accounting is responsible for individual work items of the entire invoice processing. Incoming invoices are classified by means of a bar code (for example, confidential documents, distinction of different construction sites), recorded and forwarded to the incoming mail processor server biz²ScanServer. There, the invoice data and barcodes are read out via OCR / ICR, grouped by filter in the invoice cockpit according to project, cost center, special confidentiality status and automatically forwarded to the corresponding employee for processing. The responsibility for individual work items can also be transferred to other employees at short notice. Different document types can also be defined in SAP with different “archive folders”, so that the documents can be stored in a specified folder, depending on the type.

Usage: Time savings, since the documents no longer have to be sorted and the assignment is carried out automatically using barcodes; confidential documents can be identified by barcodes.

Company description: BAM Deutschland AG was founded from two long-established sister companies: Müller-Altvatter Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG (founded in 1932) and Wayss & Freytag Schlüsselfertigbau AG (founded in 1875). In 2007, the two companies merged to form BAM Deutschland AG. BAM Deutschland AG, headquartered in Stuttgart, with offices in five other cities in Germany, is today one of the leading construction companies for turnkey building construction in Germany.

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