SAP scanning solution for the auction house Sotheby’ssap scanning solution by inPuncto for the auction house Sotheby´s

With our sap add on scanned documents can be attached directly to an object over services

The SAP scanning solutions by inPuncto could convince the traditional auction house Sotheby’s

For the process of sales orders and deliveries, the auction house Sotheby´s wished for a simple and lean solution to attach documents, like orders or delivery notes, to an SAP object after scanning. The auction house chose our SAP scanning solution, because it could convince with its lean integration in the already existing SAP system, for it can connect any scanner to the SAP system. With the SAP scanner software biz²Scanner, the auction house can now scan orders and delivery notes directly as PDF. Two different document types are being created:

  • customer orders with the sales order
  • delivery notes

Our sap scanning software is diverse and different modules can be added

Thanks to the flexible software, further scanning scenarios are possible: With the inbox processor biz²ScanServer  batch document can be captured and edited automatically. Optionally, they can be selected with a free form OCR text recognition via OCR scan software, and afterwards being archived audit-proof in the SAP biz²Archiver.

The auction house Sotheby’s

The auction house Sotheby’s has auction centers in New York, London, Paris, Genf and Hongkong, and was founded in 1744 by Samuel Baker in London. For approximately 200 years, the traditional auction house was specialised in books and manuscripts. After the internationalisation around 1940, paintings, furniture, instruments, sculptures, carpets, wine, watches, jewellery, cars and real estates had been added.

One of the significant auctions was the auction sale of the royal house´s paintings of Hannover, the auction sale of the House Baden, the Thurn and Taxis auctions Edvard Munchs version of the painting The Scream, which is currently the most expensive painting, that has been sold in an auction.