Goods Receipts Automation Processes in SAP S/4HANA

goods receipts automation solution for SAPAutomatically record and allocate goods receipts in SAP: a customer project in the area of incoming goods posting has been successfully completed

The everyday work processes in incoming goods still take up a lot of time these days. Up until now, incoming delivery notes were stored in file folders and document searching was therefore cumbersome and time-consuming.

The customer purposefully and consciously turned to inPuncto for a simple solution for archiving goods receipts directly at the incoming goods department. Our concern is to reduce the high proportion of manual work in order to increase the accuracy and productivity. The combination of faster processes with less susceptibility to errors and a reduction in manual data entry effort led to a simple solution and noticeable added value for our customer.

Introduction of the inPuncto solution for direct scanning of good receipts at incoming goods

In order to automate the processes in incoming goods for the customer, the following inPuncto product was implemented in the existing SAP S/4HANA system:

SAP scanner software biz²Scanner – The inPuncto scan application for SAP

In this scenario, the inPuncto scan application for SAP (biz²Scanner) is integrated into the booking process of the SAP transaction MIGO. This means that with every booking process, the biz²Scanner is automatically called up within the SAP GUI when it is “saved”. The biz²Scanner then communicates with the local scanning device (document scanner) via TWAIN / USB, the good receipt is scanned and stored in the SAP archive system. The archived delivery note is then linked to the SAP material document and the SAP order via ArchiveLink. This means that after each booking, the customer can easily access and view the delivery note using the ArchivLink, either from the SAP material document or from the SAP order.

Smooth integration of the inPuncto add on software into the existing SAP system

The customer is very satisfied with the quick implementation of the project and thanks to our lean solution can now scan, process and research delivery notes not only more easily, but also faster and more efficiently, and research them directly in SAP.

We received positive feedback about the enormous reduction in workload immediately after the solution was introduced. In addition, our user-friendly SAP add-on does not require any time-consuming training, so that the employees could start immediately after a short introduction.

Our customer is one of the most efficient and modern central supply clinics in Baden-Württemberg with about 3,000 employees.