e-Invoicing: A comprehensive offer for invoice generation, sending, and invoice processing in SAP ERP and SAP S /4HANA

e-Invoice: all-in-one solutionA complete solution for e-invoicing projects in SAP through the implementation partnership between inPuncto and partner EPO Consulting

EPO Consulting offers innovative and powerful software solutions in the areas of SAP interface, SAP mobility, and add-on solutions. inPuncto’s partnership with EPO Consulting has evolved considerably since mid-2019 and the synergy between two companies has enabled the implementation of various projects in the field of e-bills.

The overall partner solution offering for e-bills in SAP includes an implementation package comprises invoice generation (across multiple formats), invoice sending, and invoice processing.

Here are the most important advantages, at a glance:

1. Outgoing e-invoices based on XML-UBL are generated in SAP and managed via an outgoing invoice ledger. It provides an overview of all e-invoices, including PDF invoices, which are sent via the integrated e-mail editor. Different tasks are suppoted:

  • Visualization and attachment of additional documents
  • Verification and modification of the recipients list
  • SAP ArchiveLink archiving
  • Emailing or sending via PEPPOL or web service

2. Incoming e-invoices in a wide variety of XML invoice formats are automatically processed and transferred into the SAP system. Once there, you can continue processing these documents intuitively and comfortably (e.g. via the approval workflow). The workflows can also be specifically configured:

  • E-invoices that are received by email as PDF invoices in ZUGFeRD format or XRechnung format are read out using the processing server (biz²ScanServer) (individual XML parsing) and transferred to SAP.
  • The processing server processes various formats of electronic invoices (optionally, also OCR-technical).

The original invoices are archived in the archive system via SAP – customer-specific SAP workflows can be configured for the approval process. If you have any questions about our overall solution, you can contact your inPuncto team at any time.

Partner Epo Consulting GmbH

EPO Consulting GmbH is an owner-managed company. Since it was founded in 2003, it has been focused on customer-oriented software development. EPO Consulting offers innovative and powerful software solutions in the areas of SAP interfaces, SAP mobility and additional solutions. EPO stands for Electronic Processes and Organization. It core competence lies in the development of customer-oriented and user-friendly software solutions for national and international renowned customers.