Update for the workflow tool biz²DocumentControl

Update inPuncto’s Workflow Tool for SAPAmong other functions, the new version 2.4.127 allows starting from the Windows start menu and displaying the documents to be processed as a list

Depending on the content of the document, our workflow tool biz²DocumentControl can automatically initiate and control an electronic workflow for document checking or approval and involve the relevant process participants in the electronic workflow.
You can start and use the software via Cockpit or Business Workplace as well as via Web, Mobile App, E-Mail or without Internet connection.

In addition, biz²DocumentControl offers the option of checking and supplementing read-out values, providing comments on information and forwarding the documents automatically or manually to the next process participant.

New features and enhancements in version 2.4.127:

  • The app can now be started from the Windows Start menu.
  • After logging in to SAP, the documents that require editing are displayed in a list.
  • The “Invoice item” dialog has been enhanced by the “Gross amount” field (additional activation in Customizing is required).
  • In the Invoice Header tab, the new button “Calculate Tax Amount from Items” has been added (additional activation in Customizing is required).
  • The embedded setups “MS Redistributable C ++ 2010” and “MS Redistributable C ++ 2012” are now running “invisibly” during the inPuncto setups.

The new version has the following advantages:

  • Acceleration of check and approval processes.
  • Optimization and extension of the user interface.
  • It is also possible to calculate a total of the invoice items with mixed tax rates.
  • Gross amounts can be entered and the net amount which is to be netted can be automatically calculated backwards.

If you have questions about the new functions of the SAP workflow tool biz²DocumentControl, feel free to contact our support team!