Implementation of ‚late archiving in SAP for incoming delivery notes’ for a German crystal glass producer

Late archiving for incoming delivery notes with inPuncto add-ons for SAPSAP add-ons by inPuncto ensure a quick and audit proof archiving of incoming delivery notes

Project ‚implementation of late archiving of delivery notes in SAP using the barcode procedure’. Our customer, a German traditional glass producer, employs approx. 850 workers. Around 650 of them work in the headquarters in Germany. Besides the headquarters in Germany, the company has distributorships in China, India, Japan and Spain.

Extension of the existing SAP system for the barcode archiving

To realise the late archiving in SAP for incoming delivery notes, a barcode scenario had been implemented. The following additional software by inPuncto was used: the biz²Scanner for the scan capture and the biz²ScanServer for the document processing. Both solutions were implemented in the already existing SAP archiving system of our customer.

For the scenario ‘late archiving’ barcode scenarios for incoming delivery notes were implemented. With the SAP transaction MIGO, SAP objects are created. Then a barcode is requested during the following booking. Here, all delivery notes must be marked with a barcode label first. This barcode will be scanned via barcode hand-scanner or via biz²Scanner in a batch. With the transaction OAM1, all SAP objects in SAP will become visible. The document processor biz²ScanServer separates the delivery notes and transfers them into the archive. Meanwhile, the barcode on the note will be read and connected to the ‘waiting’ SAP object (‘late archiving’).

Fast, audit-proof barcode archiving in SAP

With the use of the biz²Scanners scans can be checked even before the actual mass processing. With the ArchiveLink integration each scan-on-demand with every business objects is possible. Our customer profits from a accurate invoice capture as well as from an acceleration of all processes. The original delivery notes are automatically connected to the corresponding SAP objects, and transferred safely into the archive.

With all these methods our client achieved a quick ROI. The implementation time of the new solution for an audit-proof barcode archiving were very quick thanks to the intuitive handling with the familiar SAP surface. The employees were therefore able to work with the new software very quickly.