Release of the new scanner software update for SAP by inPuncto

Scanner Software NewsThe scan add-on now supports SAP GUI 7.50

With our scanner software add-on biz²Scanner you can connect any scanner to the SAP system, so you can scan documents directly in your system, as well as in a pile with a central scanner. With the scanner software by inPuncto, it is possible for you to archive scanned documents directly via ArchiveLink connection.

With the update (version 2.1.44) our scanner software biz²Scanner now also contains the support SAP GUI 7.50 for biz²Scanner with the installation of SAP standard libraries. With this new version biz²Scanner_Front, it is now possible to open the scanner software outside of your SAP system. You can start the software via a desktop icon.

Functions of the scanner software biz²Scanner

With the scanner add-on biz²Scanner by inPuncto you will get the possibility to set different incoming documents scenarios for your scans, like the form (PDF, TIFF,..), the document kind and the possibility of the OCR text recognition (here the document processor biz²ScanServer is necessary).

Additionally, the add-on is connected to SAP and enables a safe capture of sensitive data and its automatic assignment to a business object.

SAP scanner integration

The inPuncto scanning program biz²Scanner as a capturing software can be integrated in different ways:

  • with ArchiveLink e.g. OAWD (in/out-place in SAP GUI)
  • in the document maintenance system DVS (DIS, in/outplace in SAP GUI)
  • in the generic object services (in/out-place in SAP GUI)
  • in the Records Management (in/out-place in SAP GUI)
  • as external capturing system (as MS Windows application)
  • and others.

Our scanner software biz²Scanner is compatible with simple document scanners, as well as with all SAP storage and archiving systems. In addition, our add-on offers maximum security for your documents thanks to SAP sign in. After a short introduction, he software is easy and intuitively to handle.

If you have any further questions about the new features of the scanner software or general questions about the inPuncto add-ons for SAP do not hesitate to contacts us!