Document Viewer for SAP: New Features of the Version 6.1.15

Update image view in SAP SAP Document Viewer received an update

The special feature of our SAP document viewer biz²Viewer is that it is controlled directly from within SAP. Thus, unlike many other viewers on the market, where viewing and editing of documents is performed outside of SAP logic, in our solution only authorized persons have access to the relevant data.

In addition, some buttons and features are not even offered to unauthorized persons, which adds an extra benefit to business units where confidential information is stored. The biz²Viewer is delivered as a client component together with the archive software for SAP biz²Archiver. In addition, our document viewer for SAP is integrated in the biz²DocumentControl and in the biz²Scanner.

Optimizations of the new version of the document viewer biz²Viewer

  • Improved stability and increased image processing speed
  • PDF 2.0 documents can now be displayed
  • Correction when changing the country in the system settings – Germany-> Switzerland

If you have questions about our new version of the document viewer biz²Viewer for SAP, feel free to contact our support team!