Donations to UNICEF by inPuncto

Hungernot AfrikaWe made donations to UNICEF to support the
children´s charity´s fight against famine in Africa.

The donations are required to supply boys and girls, living in the affected regions, with drinking water, food and medicine.

Not only the tireless raging wars and conflicts, but also the climate change is responsible for the famine in Eastern Africa as well as in the Horn of Africa: droughts and extremely long dry periods cause crop failures, which lead to many people losing their livelihood and not being able to keep their livestock and  homes or feeding the family. Consequently, many children are malnourished and have massive health problems.

Through our donations to UNICEF, we could at least make a small contribution in times of great need. We could help UNICEF to supply affected girls and boys with fundamentals like clean drinking water, food and medicine.

You can also support UNICEF with a donation and PREVENT HUNGER IN AFRICA.