Implementation of a late archiving in SAP for incoming delivery notes

Implementation of a late archiving in SAP with inPuncto SoftwareCompany size: 850 employees, approx.. 650 in Zwiesel (Bavarian Forest)

Branch: crystal glass producer

Country: Germany (Zwiesel), distributorships in China, India, Japan und Spain

Challenge: Expand existing SAP archiving system with a scanning capture function and the document processing of delivery notes (barcode separation and connection to SAP object order)

Used modules for the realisation of the solution: biz²Scannerbiz²ScanServer

Concerning department: purchase

Project description: To realize the late archiving in SAP for incoming delivery notes, a barcode scenario had been implemented with the help of the capturing software biz²Scanner and the document processing biz²ScanServer for the. Our prducts had been implemented in an already existing SAP archiving system. The incoming delivery notes are given barcodes and therefore can be scanned with the biz²Scanner. The whole pile of notes will then be separated by the biz²ScanServer and transferred to the SAP archive. Simultaneously, the barcode is being read and connected to the SAP object

Usage: Accurate and safe archiving, saves time because of the automated connection of delivery notes and SAP objects.

Company description: The ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS AG was founded in 1872 by Anton Müller. Today it belongs to one of the world´s leading glas specialist with its awarded masterpieces. The company´s headquarter is in Zwiesel with other stores in China, India, Japan and Spain.

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