University Basel

Realisation of the complete document management with SAP including the adjustment of the archive

Uni BaselCompany size: 5 700 employees and 13 000 students and und doctoral candidates

Branch: colleges & universities

Country: Switzerland (Basel)

Challenge: optimisation of the document management, acceleration of the invoice processing, adjustment of the archive

Used modules for the realisation of the solution:
biz²Scanner, biz²ScanServer, biz²DocumentControl, biz²Viewer, biz²Archiver

Concerning departments: personnel department, student administration

Project description: When it comes to optimising the document management, the Swiss university in Basel trusts in their IT partner inPuncto. The whole document management in SAP could be managed with add-on software by inPuncto. The adjustment of the archive was challenging, because the old one was replaced completely, and a migration of the old records into the new archive took place. With our SAP add-on software also works the electronic invoice processing and the archiving of different documents, as well as the management of personnel and student files in SAP-HCM.

Company description: The University Basel was founded in 1460 and is the oldest university in Switzerland. Today it has seven faculties and more than 13 000 students and doctoral candidates. About 3000 of them come from abroad. The university belongs to the best 150 universities in the international ranking.

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