Church Computer Center Southwest Germany (KRZ-SWD)

Implementation of an SAP workflow for the invoice processing with an intelligent OCR recognition

Implementation of the electronic invoice processing in SAP with inPunctoCompany size: approx. 125 employees

Industry: IT

Country: Germany (Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen)

Challenge: Implementation of the electronic invoice processing in SAP

Used modules for the realization of the solution: biz²Scanner, biz²ScanServer, biz²DocumentControl, biz²Archiver

Concerned departments: book keeping, accounting, finance

Project description: For the realization of the automated workflow of paper-based and email PDF invoices, the scanner software biz²Scanner, the incoming mail processor biz²ScanServer, the workflow tool biz²DocumentControl as well as a completely established OCR training workstation has been implemented in the existing SAP system. With it, a fast and exact capture of the daily incoming paper-based and email invoices of different kinds (FI invoices without an order reference, invoices with an order reference and any invoice positions as well as other invoice receipts) and the integration of all decision makers into the SAP workflow could be enabled.

Usage: Fast, safe and accurate invoice processing and integration of process participants into the releasing workflow (validarion, audit, releasing of invoice receipts) also via e-mail.

Company description: The foundation KRZ-SWD was founded in 1982 by different associations like the evangelischen Landeskirchen Baden, Württemberg and Pfalz, as well as the Diözesan Caritas associations. The purpose of the foundation is the operation of a data center for clerical cooperations and clerical and charitable clubs. Die foundations belongs to the leading IT service companies for the church, deaconry and caritas.

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