EDG Entsorgung Dortmund GmbH

SAP workflow implementation for the automated invoice processing with an intelligent OCR recognition

EDG Entsorgung Dortmund GmbHCompany size: approx. 760 employees

Branch: Disposal

Country: Germany (Dortmund)

Challenge: Implementation of an SAP workflow for the invoice processing with an intelligent OCR recognition, in consideration of all reviewers

Used modules for the realisation of the solution: biz²Scanner, biz²ScanServer, biz²DocumentControl, OCR training station

Concerning departments: accounting, bookkeeping, finances

Project description: To realise the automated workflow of paper and email PDF invoices the Scanner-Software biz²Scanner, the incoming mail processor biz²ScanServer, the workflow tool biz²DocumentControl as well as the completely set up OCR training station, have been implemented in the already existing SAP system of EDG. Thus a fast and exact capture of the daily incoming paper and PDF invoices (FI-invoice without an order reference, invoices with an order reference, and many others) and the inclusion of all reviewers into the SAP workflow is now possible.

Usage: A fast and faultless invoice processing.

Company description: The company EDG Entsorgung Dortmund GmbH was founded in 1991 as a result of the transformation of the city cleansing department into a company under private law. The company is based in Dortmund, and ensures, that waste in and around Dortmund is being disposed and/or reprocessed correctly.

Here you can read the reference story “Electronic invoice processing in SAP with OCR invoice recognition & invoice releasing workflow: EDG Germany” as PDF.

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