Our inbound mail processing software for SAP has been updated

update incoming mail processing software
A new version 2.6.73 of incoming mail processing software biz²ScanServer is available

Our inbound processing software biz²ScanServer for SAP allows the automatic processing of large documents and files volumes, triggering of workflows in SAP, linking and archiving of business objects.


Optimizations of the new version 2.6.73:

  • It is now possible to process PDF 2.0 documents
  • Using the .NET 4.7.2 framework, as well as GdPicture14 brings better stability and increased image processing speed

Incoming mail processing software functions for SAP

With this tool you can also process large amounts of electronic files (such as PDF invoices) as a digital incoming mail automatically via OCR / ICR text recognition. Our biz²ScanServer has several input channels for scans, files, emails, XMLs etc., which makes it flexible and not limited to a particular format. Further tasks that you can manage with our software are image processing, barcode reading, document separation, reading of contents via OCR / ICR text recognition, as well as automatic comparison and analysis of master and document data in the background. In addition, biz²ScanServer allows transferring data, initiating workflows and transferring images for archiving in PDF, TIFF etc.

In addition, our incoming email processing server has a self-learning OCR / ICR text recognition module that continually optimizes the recognition process and increases the recognition rate of your documents every time they are reviewed.

Implementation possibilities of incoming mail processing software for SAP:

  • Electronic invoice processing
  • Release workflow of purchase orders
  • Automatic archiving of delivery notes
  • Automatic recognition of various documents

If you have any questions concerning the new features of our incoming mail processing software biz²ScanServer, feel free to contact the inPuncto support team!