SAP-ILM for GDPR compliant data archiving

SAP-ILM für DSGVO-konforme ArchivierungA brief description of the SAP Information Lifecycle Management and the innovative functions for GDPR compliant data archiving of the archive software by inPuncto

SAP ILM complements the SAP standard delivery with the ability to manage the lifecycle of data and documents in application or archiving system based on rules for advanced data archiving and data destruction. ILM has control over the data, from creation to final deletion. Once the data is no longer needed in daily operations, it is archived in order to reduce database volume.

The application of SAP ILM in the company

The tool is recommended as a measure in order to comply with the legal requirements of the EU GDPR, which came into force on May 25, 2018. According to the General Data Protection Regulation, companies are obliged to map its rules in their IT systems.

The new inPuncto biz²ArchiveServer supports the SAP WebDAV ILM interface in addition to the SAP HTTP Content Server interface. Thereby the concept of exclusive use by and within SAP is maintained, so there is no need of a separate user administration.

One pillar of SAP ILM is Information Retention Management (IRM) which controls functions related to the data retention and destruction. It includes various tools and methods for managing all electronic data and can be linked to the archive in SAP.

Information Retention Management facilitates the management of information stored in SAP with the following functions:

  • Defining ILM rules: You can independently define ILM rules, e.g. retention rules and periods, to correctly map the legal requirements in SAP and apply these rules to both lived and already archived data. Finally, data can be archived automatically according to these specifications and processes.
  • Legal holds on data: Data can be blocked in order to prevent early destruction, for example, if it is relevant for legal cases or if it is to be blocked against access by certain SAP users or employees.
  • Destruction of data: Data can be destructed in accordance with the rules, taking into account legal requirements or blocking for legal reasons.

Further advantages of SAP ILM

In addition to the ability to use the ILM tool Information Retention Manager (IRM) to control the lifecycle of information via rules and policies, SAP ILM brings further added value – not only to meet the GDPR, but also to reduce data growth.

Prerequisites and technical requirements when using SAP ILM

Prior to the project start of the technical implementation, the existence of a legally secured concept concerning the retention and destruction of documents is indispensable. The results of this preliminary phase will be mapped with the inPuncto technology:

The archiving software from inPuncto provides the WebDAV ILM interface modified or specified by SAP for use by SAP systems. The storage of the archiving software biz²ArchiveServer takes place via a connector – as a first shape of file system storage.

The additional component in the archiving system ensures that dependencies of personal data and documents can be mapped and also deleted in the legally required time periods. Our biz²ArchiveServer is user as well as viewer, data and document volume independent.

Have we aroused your interest in SAP-ILM and inPuncto biz²ArchiveServer-ILM?
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