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Create an employee personnel file – content and structure

Within the structure of an employee personnel file in the form of a document tree you´ll find all files, which are being associated with a certain employee. A short time after the introduction of the digital personnel file you´ll find your way intuitively and can manage files safely. Thanks to the clear structure of the personnel files register in SAP, you´ll save yourself the onerous searching for single documents. With the logical file structure you can quickly find employee folders or browse content with the filtering function. This is very helpful, especially for extensive personnel file content.

You start the employee files by inPuncto and ZALARIS Deutschland AG within the SAP GUI. You won´t need to get yourself an expensive third system and save yourself synchronizing data with SAP. Depending on the SAP access authorization, different contents will be available, like e.g. only personalized data, or only tax files, etc. With this, sensitive personnel content is saved from unauthorized access.

Create employee personnel files

If you decide to choose the introduction of employee personnel files, we have different possibilities to create the personnel files:

Direct scanning of single employee personnel files

With this method, personnel files are being created by scanning the paper documents of employees. First, the document kind as well as other parameters the digitalized document later needs to have needed to be set. Afterwards the paper document will be scanned with the scanner software biz²Scanner. The scanned files can be categorized by keywords, so that you can find them easily when doing a keyword search. The digitalized document will then be saved in the archive system of the personnel files in SAP (e.g. in the archive software biz²Archiver).

Central scanning of employee personnel file-batches via barcode

Another possibility to create a personnel file is to provide every single document with a barcode to scan them via scanner software biz²Scanner later. The personnel file content, which is provided with a barcode, will be saved in SAP as an announced document („open barcode“) for the relevant employee. After the mass scan those documents will be assigned to the relevant employee.

Batch scanning of employee personnel files via barcode cover sheet

The third method to create personnel files is the batch scanning via barcode cover sheet. The barcode cover sheet is either a printout or an electronic document, which was generated using the personnel number, so that the scanned documents (via the Scanner Software biz²Scanner) will be assigned to the right personnel file. After having scanned all documents they can be added to the electronic personnel file with only one click.


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