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Digital contract file

Comfortable and safe digitization of contract files in SAP

Just like personnel files you can also digitalize and transfer the contract files and transfer them into SAP.

Our solution is not only limited to the sheer scanning and archiving of documents for the digital contract file but rather we offer you the possibility to link documents that have been created in MS Word (e.g. contracts) with SAP (document information record), to add master data and to versionize the documents. You can also allocate important e-mails and their attachments to the corresponding contract file.

By means of SAP authorizations you secure the confidentiality of your contract data and contract files. Depending on their authorization SAP users can browse through the contract files and view single contract documents directly in their SAP-GUI.

With the inPuncto ECM Suite you realise simultaneously the centralisation of your contract file and secure your confidential information.

How does the transfer and design of contract files in SAP work?

By calling the digital contract file, the structures and dependencies according to the respective authorizations, which are defined in SAP, are displayed.

Contract documents are visualized directly in GUI. The SAP scanner software by inPuncto can be called from GUI. New documents are directly scanned into the contract file as well as allocated to the right place. Additionall, MS Office documents can be integrated into the contract files and can be processed and versionized if necessary thanks to the Office Integration biz²Office.

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Manage your digital contract file with
inPuncto ECM-Suite: your advantages

Manage your digital contract file with inPuncto ECM-Suite: your advantages


Your advantages by managing your digital contract file with our ECM software

  • Fast and user-friendly navigation throug the contract file.
  • Document view directly in the SAP-GUI.
  • Automated versionizing of contract documents that are created in MS Office.
  • Fast, targeted filing of e-mails in the contract file.
  • Centralisation of all contract-relevant data in only one contract file.
  • Protection of confidential information through the user’s personal SAP authorization.
  • Support of many document types thanks to flexible settings.
  • Infrastructure: Cost saving potential through direct and more effective processes, faster ROI.
  • Omission of space costs for paper archives because of the higher storage density of electronic data, etc.

Fields of application

  • Management,
  • Purchase,
  • Sales, etc.

Tested and certified!

GoBD certification

Compliance requirements and audit-security for your document-related processes with inPuncto ECM software


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