Bertrandt AG

Implementation of a scan solution for single and mass scans, and barcode archiving in the areas FI, HR & Travel

BertrandtCompany size: approx. 12 500 employees

Branch: mechanical and plant engineering

Country: Germany (Ehningen)

Challenge: digitalisation and archiving of the personnel, financial and travel documents

Used modules for the realisation of the solution: biz²Scanner, biz²ScanServer

Concerning departments: personnel department

Project description: As IT partner we have realized the scanning of personnel documents via biz²Scanner for Bertrandt AG. The separation of the personnel files happens via patchcode (contains ArchiveLink document type). The allocation of the documents is performed on the basis of the definition and patchcode via biz²ScanServer.

Usage: Faster processing and easy location of the documents

Company description: The Bertrandt AG was founded in 1974 by Harry Bertrandt in Möglingen (Germany) as a construction office. In the late 70´s, the company began with the construction of automotive components, and expanded within Germany as well as in Europe and in the United States. Today the Bertrandt AG is an engineering partner of the international automotive and aviation industries. Their portfolio contain the process steps of the conceptions phases, construction, planning, model construction, tool production, as well as vehicle construction and production planning.

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