Bayer Business Services

Realisation of different scan scenarios in the personnel area

BayerCompany size: approx. 5 200 employees

Branch: Chemistry, pharmaceuticals

Country: Germany (Leverkusen)

Challenge: Implementation of different scanning scenarios: scanning directly at the object, scanning and processing of large document volumes in batch, archiving

Used modules for the realisation of the solution: biz²Scanner, biz²ScanServer

Concerning departments: personnel department

Project description: For scanning in the personnel area, Bayer Business Services uses the SAP-integrated scanner software biz²Scanner and the documents mass processor biz²ScanServer by inPuncto. For the direct scanning on the objects, the scanner biz²Scanner help recording paper documents. The scanned document will then be dropped into the archive system via the SAP-ArchiveLink function of the biz²Archiver, and assigned to the relevant personnel number. For the mass scan and the processing in batch, an automatic separation of the documents occurs based on separating pages. Those will be created in paper or digital form, and contain the relevant ArchiveLink document type in the Patch code. To archive a document, special barcodes will be printed for the SAP-created documents. Those barcodes will be sent back to the person responsible for signing. After signing, the documents will be recorded, connected and archived automatically. With the inPuncto add-ons, Bayer Business Services can also edit and archive external PDFs.

Usage: Simplification of the scanning process (directly on the object, mass scan in a pile), easy assignment of archived documents via barcodes

Company description: Bayer Business Services, the intern service provider and strategic partner of the Bayer Group, was founded in 2002 and has its headquarters in Leverkusen. As a competence center, the company carries the operational risk for the business processes of the Bayer Group, and is concentrating on the support and transaction of the administrative, commercial and scientifical business processes of Bayer.

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