The Business Cloud – The modern and secure cloud solution for SAP

Business Cloud powered by inPunctoThe collaboration with the inPuncto partner Zalaris Germany resulted in an innovative and powerful cloud model.

The Zalaris Business Cloud powered by inPuncto is currently expanding the previous inPuncto server product portfolio (Archiving Software for SAP biz²ArchiveServer, Encryption Software biz²CryptoServerSAP inbound email processing and document processing Software biz²ScanServer) with standardized services and services related to the revision-proof storage of data and documents in the SAP environment.

Our cloud solution has been designed for SAP customers who want to outsource all or a part of their SAP processes (e.g. archiving, document processing, invoice processing). The model supports the R/3 and S/4HANA versions.

The operating model is basically based on a scalable shared infrastructure. We guarantee our customers a high availability of the systems.

 Scope of services of the Business Cloud:

  • Provision of the infrastructural resources in the data center
  • Provision of the required additional SAP software and its maintenance
  • Specialized, highly qualified installation and commissioning
  • General operational management
  • Responsive and competent support
  • Transparent and secure administration

With the new Business Model – powered by inPuncto – in three steps to the right cloud solution for your company:

The solution is generally offered in three versions, BASIC, COMFORT and EXTENDED, which build on each other and are scalable for all customer sizes. The BASIC variant forms the basis for all other variants. In this version, we provide the customer with a managed, revision-proof and scalable SAP storage and archiving area.

The Business Cloud BASIC is suitable for storing and archiving SAP information such as:

  • SAP raw data (data archiving) and SAP extracts (DART)
  • Emails in SAP (ArchiveLink, SAP Office or SAP DVS)
  • Office documents, drawings, videos etc. in SAP (ArchiveLink, SAP Office or SAP DVS)
  • Outgoing business documents such as billing documents, delivery notes etc. via SAP
  • “Print & Archive” (ArchiveLink)
  • Incoming documents in SAP (ArchiveLink, SAP Office or SAP DVS)

The COMFORT variant supplements the BASIC variant with the functionality of “late document entry in SAP”

Incoming documents (e.g. invoices, delivery notes etc.) are provided with a barcode by the customer and scanned collected. The digitized scan stack is transferred to the cloud. There, the batch is separated, barcodes are read, stored in the SAP archive and assigned to the correct original document / object in SAP (e.g. incoming invoice -> to posted SAP FI / MM document).

Our Business Cloud COMFORT is suitable for users who want to partially automate the assignment of incoming documents to receipts in SAP.

▪ All paper documents such as invoices, delivery notes, etc.

The EXTENDED variant supplements the COMFORT variant with the functionality of early document entry

In this variant, the customer has the option of recognizing incoming invoices via an OCR / XML server, approving them via workflows and automatically posting them in the system. Area of application: The Business Cloud EXTENDED is suitable for customers who want to implement automatic invoice processing:

  • Receipt of the invoice by scanner or email
  • Recognition of the invoice data via OCR / XML
  • Workflows for approval
  • Automatic posting in the SAP system

If you have questions about our Business Cloud or our solutions in general, feel free to contact our support team!