The new update of the inbound mail processing server:

inbound mail processing software updateMaximum stability, better performance and redesign as well as range of advanced functions of the administrative Client component

The inbound mail processing and document processing server biz²ScanServer for SAP enables you to automatically process large quantities of documents and files, trigger their workflow in SAP, as well as link them to business objects and archive them.

In conjunction with the Capture Scan Client SAP scanner by inPuncto, your documents are captured and the respective processing procedures are maintained centrally in the document processing server and in SAP.

The update V2.6.74 of the inPuncto Server for document processing in SAP brings many interesting innovations with it. On the one hand, there is the introduction of biz²ScanServer Scheduling (tasks planning), which leads to maximum stability, fairness, better performance and optimal capacity utilization of the logical processors (CPUs).

Furthermore, the administrative biz²ScanServer Client interface has been extended and improved significantly. It provides the best possible overview of the biz²ScanServer operation.

The improved and new functions of the SAP inbound mail and document processing server biz²ScanServer version 2.6.74:

biz²ScanServer Scheduling:

  • The biz²ScanServer Scheduling allows the components of the incoming mail processing software to be fine-tuned in terms of their priority and parallelism in order to meet customer needs. The standard configuration of the biz²ScanServer Scheduling covers the normal customer requirements gained from experience.
  • Control of the maximum parallelism of the components (capacity planning): For each component of the biz²ScanServer, the maximum number of jobs that can be carried out at the same time can be defined (e.g. barcode reading operations or OCR processing).
  • Prioritization of the input channels: The electronic inbox of the biz²ScanServer has different input channels, such as OCR text recognition or barcode scanners. Input channels with higher priority are preferred.
  • Scan scenarios or barcodes can be prioritized: Depending on the scenario or even differently prioritized barcodes within a stack, documents are processed with priority and are therefore faster available in SAP.
  • Waiting times for users with user interaction are minimized (“burst mode”): Users of the SAP scanner biz²Scanner or of the workflow tool biz²DocumentControl receive a quick confirmation of the acceptance of their order even under full load.
  • Overload situations are identified based on definable threshold values: No new tasks are accepted until the overload situation has been resolved. “BurstMode” orders have priority in this situation.

biz²ScanServer Client – advanced function:

The redesign of the biz²ScanServer Client was carried out with the aim of obtaining a comprehensive overview of the tasks / jobs, their processing and their run times.

  • The “Controllers” tab available in previous biz²ScanServer versions has been extended by four tabs. I.e. there are further views of the current processes and their data.
  • The respective tabs have extensive options for filtering and sorting the displayed content.
  • All settings made by the user, e.g. regarding the selected filters are saved and will be available again the next time the biz²ScanServer Client is started.
  • Better practice when opening large log files

If you have any questions about the new functions of the inbox processing software biz²ScanServer, please do not hesitate to contact the inPuncto support team!