Automatic processing of incoming QR-invoice

Automatic processing of incoming QR-invoiceThe all-in-one solution from inPuncto & Avectris helps you to conveniently and seamlessly process all types of QR-invoices

Starting June 30, 2020 there will be significant changes in Swiss payments. The first QR-bills are being put into circulation, which will gradually replace the usual payment slips (ISR procedure). The introduction of QR invoices affects all companies, government institutions and non-profit organizations, as well as all private individuals.

In the transition phase, both formats will still be used in parallel, but it is necessary to prepare early enough for the changeover. There are adjustments to be made to the reading device, as well as to the accounts payable and payment software, so that it is possible to receive and pay incoming QR invoices in good time.

Advantages of payment method innovations

The innovation brings advantages to the payment method: a QR code contains all payment-relevant data that can be read quickly and safe.
No laborious typing of reference data is needed anymore: it will be recorded automatically. This means that payment entry and processing is significantly easier and more efficient.

inPuncto QR Swiss module for reading out incoming QR-invoices

Incoming QR-invoices are read out with the help of the “QR Swiss module” of the incoming mail processing server biz²ScanServer of inPuncto. The payment information is processed there and automatically sent to SAP for further processing. The inPuncto “QR Swiss Module” can process all three versions of a QR-bill:

  • QR-bill with IBAN and creditor reference
  • QR-bill with IBAN without reference
  • QR-bill with QR-IBAN and QR reference

This enables the inPuncto and Avectris overall solution to conveniently and seamlessly process all types of QR-invoices.
In order for every company to be able to process the new invoice format from June 2020, some preparatory measures are necessary. It is recommended to analyze the invoice processing process at an early stage and to identify the need for action in the coming months.

Swiss partner Avectris AG ensures the seamless SAP processing processes

Together with their Swiss partner Avectris AG, inPuncto offers a complete solution for QR invoice processing, which fully supports companies in this way. Avectris is an SAP enabling partner for QR-invoices in close coordination with SAP and supports the upcoming changeover. Avectris ensures a smooth process within the project and supports the preparation of the master data, the adjustments in the processing process, the import of the SAP Notes, and the implementation of the QR-bill. The IT service provider Avectris has been a SAP Gold Partner for many years.

In order to clarify any questions about the overall solution, interested parties can contact inPuncto & Avectris teams at any time.