inPuncto SAP Archive in conjunction with WORM Appliance – Your Path to Security, GDPR Compliance, and Auditability

Ransomware protection sap archiveSecurity, compliance, and adherence to GDPR are cornerstones of any modern corporate strategy. With inPuncto SAP Archive, we present to you an outstanding SAP archiving solution that places these principles at the forefront.

WORM Appliance – Exclusive Supplementary Functionality from inPuncto Archive

As part of our partnership with an implementation and hardware partner for optical archiving, inPuncto’s archiving scenarios expand to include powerful and secure archive and storage media with additional protection and ransomware resilience.
One secure method for long-term archiving of sensitive data is to store it on physical WORM (Write Once, Read Many) media, with the management layer remaining within SAP.

The WORM-based hardware solution stands for immutability, ensuring unparalleled data immutability. Once written, information cannot be altered or deleted, ensuring the integrity of your archived data. The unique WORM Appliance is a pure WORM archive that not only provides top-notch storage performance but also generates an (double) offline clone for various fire protection sections – a quasi-parallel backup during operation.

Full Ransomware Protection

Data in the WORM Appliance is immutable, offering comprehensive protection against ransomware. They are not stored proprietarily, and the customer retains full control over their data at all times. The runtime of the WORM archive is unlimited within the service framework. Successfully in operation since 2014, these systems continue to run stably and can be capacitively expanded when needed.

WORM Extension Drives

Optional separate WORM extension drives are available, enabling data mirroring outside the device. This seamlessly integrates the WORM Appliance into a data center, and the media can be produced locally by two administrators in their offices.
This ensures data availability at three different locations. Even in the event of hard drive failure in the WORM Appliance, this has no impact on data retention.

Unlimited Capacity for Data Security

The WORM Appliance is capacitively unlimited, with installations ranging from petabytes to most in the 100+ terabyte range.

Be a pioneer in data security and compliance with inPuncto SAP Archive and the exclusive features of the WORM Appliance. Rely on a solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Learn more about the benefits of inPuncto archiving solution and secure a future where your data is protected and compliant.