inPuncto supports UNICEF with a donation for needy children in Yemen

inPuncto supports UNICEF with donationsThe UNICEF nutrition program ensures that starving and sick children in Yemen are provided with the essentials

For years, Yemen has been beset by a civil war that has brought unimaginable suffering to the people of the country: death, epidemics, poverty and destruction.
UNICEF’s nutrition program in Yemen ensures that malnourished children are provided with special therapeutic food in the form of e.g. peanut paste or special milk, which is rich in nutrients and calories.

In addition, UNICEF helps needy children and their families with medicines and clean drinking water and ensures that children can go back to school.

InPuncto decided to support the work of UNICEF and to contribute with a donation to the rescue of children in Yemen. You can also make a donation in order to support UNICEF in helping in children and their families in Jemen on-site.

Picture: © UNICEF/UN0253492/ Huwais