Inbox processing server: the 4 new functions of version 2.6.69


Inbox procewssing server with new functions The 4 new features of the inbox processing server biz²ScanServer (Version 2.6.69) now offer you even more flexibility and comfort!

1. A better monitoring of files inside the file-poll directories (storage directories) of biz²ScanServer:

-Files locked by users are highlighted.

-The users who locked the files are notified (provided that tracing is possible).

-to limit the amount of administrator-mails sent associated with locked files, mails of this kind are now sent once after 10 minutes and then only every 60 minutes after that.

2. Setting of initial value, as known in connection with file-polling is now similarly possible in scan to mail scenarios.

3. After shut down of an SAP-server, the corresponding RFC-connection is automatically rebuilt by inbox-processing-server biz²ScanServer.

4. Extensions in interaction with the new version 2.4.109 of the workflow-tool biz²DocumentControl:

  • the provision of additional assets of the workflow for offline mails is now possible
  • Reviewing the mail forwarding between EX-users enables the identification of the correct processor in SAP