The Christmas holidays are just about to start, which for most people signals the coming of year’s biggest celebration. However, the last days before Christmas are extremely stressful, since last-minute presents have to be bought in over-crowded inner cities and shopping centers and one keeps worrying about whether the gift bought online will arrive in time. In the supermarket, people fight for the last Christmas goose and then there’s also the elaborate Christmas menu for the whole family yet to be cooked.

Others, in turn, spend their time trapped in a traffic jam on the way to their family – none of which has got much to do with contemplation and relaxation any longer.

But just in the middle of the biggest stress, it helps to stop for a moment, breathe and think: wouldn’t it be so much nicer to once more give away something you made or cooked yourself? Does there really have to be so much pressure over a Christmas menu? Won’t the family visit be just as nice on the first or second day of Christmas or entirely after the whole holiday hustle?

In the end, we all benefit more, if we rather take it easy at this time of the year and overly excessive expectations are replaced by the realization that it doesn’t really come down to having/giving a super-present or creating the best Christmas meal of all times, but to spending this time with your loved ones who mean something to you.

And because many people in this world are miserable, this year, we from inPuncto once more show social commitment under the motto „reasonable gift-giving“ by renouncing Christmas-gifts and supporting several projects of International Germany e.V. instead.


the name

of the inPunco-team,

we thank you for the trusting

cooperation and wish you and your

families a Merry Christmas, a successful year

2016, four wonderful seasons, 52 bustling weeks and


366 happy

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