inPuncto document viewer for SAP received an update

SAP document viewer biz²Viewer new version 6.1.12 launched SAP document viewer biz²Viewer – new version 6.1.12

In addition to the optimized document display, the current version also has other new functions

In contrast to other viewers on the market, our document viewer biz²Viewer can be controlled directly from SAP. The advantage of our solution shows itself in the possibility of being able to display and edit documents directly linked to the SAP business logic. Only authorized users have access to the relevant documents.

Non-authorized users will not have the possibility to access or edit documents. This is of great importance mostly in the business unit, for example in the personnel department, because employee records contain sensitive information. We deliver our document viewer biz²Viewer for SAP as a client element in combination with the archiving software biz²Archiver.

Optimization of the new version of the document viewer biz²Viewer

The amendments of the new version 6.1.12 are relevant, if your documents are being produced with asymmetrically resolutions (different DPI numbers for horizontal and vertical resolutions):

  • Optimization of the display of documents
  • Optimization of the print-outs
  • Standardized acquisition of document notes during the mail dispatch and the print
  • Optimization of the display of invoices in the inPuncto workflow tool biz²DocumentControl (it currently contains the previous version of the biz²Viewer; the new version can already be installed via the old version)

Further changes of the document viewer:

  • Possibility of optionally printing the current page
    The feature „save as“ or rather the mail dispatch of documents with notes attached as PDF by default
  • Documents can also be saved in another format. The format can be adapted to other documents automatically. Documents without notes are always being saved as an unchanged original file.

If you have further questions about our new version of the document viewer biz²Viewer for SAP, please contact our support team »