Easy document creation or output management with the inPuncto-add-ons for SAP


SAP-mail integration: Integrate your e-mails and documents from MS Office into SAPWith the inPuncto output management software you can let Microsoft Word documents be created automatically and being filled with current data from SAP with only a few clicks.

The template administration for the output management works completely over SAP and not over Microsoft or locally!
The particular: templates can also be exported without SAP integration, and edited, optimized and re-imported in SAP regardless of the SAP system.

The inPuncto-Software for the document creation in SAP: very useful especially for creating data based documents.

Most of all personnel documents (labor contracts, employment references, cover letters, requests for time-off, etc.) or the student lifecircle management (contextual content of the individual course of studies).
The additional software for the output management can also be used for the creation of cover letters, forms, reports, offers, delivery notes, price lists and contract documents.

More information about the functions of the inPuncto-Add-on-Software automatic creation of documents »