Add-on Software for SAP: Cloud, On-Premises or HybridAdd-on Software for On-Premises, Cloud, and Hybrid Solutions

The flexible inPuncto add-on software for SAP is suitable for both on-premises and cloud or hybrid solutions.

More and more companies utilizing SAP are opting for cloud or hybrid solutions alongside traditional on-premises ones. The add-on software for document management must be compatible with the respective system, matching the platform. Our inPuncto software can be flexibly adapted for various SAP systems (cloud, on-premises, or hybrid), making it deployable on nearly any system.

Traditional On-Premises Platforms

With on-premises (or simply on-prem) solutions, the user purchases or rents a software license, and the software is installed and maintained in the company’s own data center.
The company is responsible for the timeliness and security of the data in this scenario. Since the software is locally installed, it can be highly flexible and tailored to the company’s or specific department’s requirements. Costs incur during acquisition and operation, and maintenance costs are often charged by the software provider.

Cloud Computing as Software-as-a-Service

In contrast to on-premises solutions, cloud solutions are offered as an external service over the internet. The service provider allocates space in its data center to the companies (as public, private, or hybrid cloud) and is therefore responsible for software updates and data security. Unlike on-premises solutions, cloud solutions are much more standardized and offer limited customization. Cloud-based solutions are typically offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and billed based on usage, such as per invoice or per user, in subscription models. This provides the advantage that companies incur costs only for their actual needs. Maintenance costs, etc., are usually included in the unit costs.

Hybrid solutions

With this option, a portion of the enterprise software is installed locally (i.e., on-premises). Since the data is stored locally, the company is responsible for their maintenance and security. The rest is available as a SaaS solution via the cloud. For instance, it is advisable to manage highly sensitive company data on-premises and less critical data in the cloud, allowing for remote processing via web or app applications. The trend is moving towards hybrid solutions, where cloud or on-premises solutions are utilized based on the respective company area.

inPuncto Software for SAP: Tailored Perfectly to Your Requirements

Within all these options, it is crucial that the used software is perfectly tailored to your requirements (e.g., concerning customizations, costs, administrative effort). We can offer you a customized solution for your document-based processes for almost every SAP platform, either individually or in collaboration with our partners. Depending on whether you already use a cloud infrastructure and wish to migrate specific, existing processes there or intend to introduce a completely new solution (cloud-based or on-premises), please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the details!
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