Performance update for the inPuncto workflow management tool for SAP

Update workflow management tool for SAP The new version 2.4.128 of the workflow tool for document validation and release biz²DocumentControl makes the document review process even more efficient

You can use the workflow management tool biz²DocumentControl to initiate an automatic document release workflow and involve process participants through a pre-determined release process. You can also visually review and complete read-out values, add comments and annotations, or electronically approve or reject documents. After performing the necessary operations, the document is automatically or manually forwarded to the next process participant.

Another advantage of biz²DocumentControl is that it offers different access options for document validation and approval. Process participants can start the workflow tool in SAP via Cockpit and Business Workplace, via e-mail (with or without internet connection) or the mobile app, and be easily included into the review and approval workflow.

New features of the version 2.4.128

  • Improvement of stability and increased image processing speed.
  • PDF 2.0 documents can now be displayed.
  • Improved support for system settings “Switzerland”.
  • Facilitation of the registration process by default last login language.
  • Increasing the maximum text length for additional fields “Checkboxes”.

Benefits of the inPuncto workflow tool for SAP

  • Accelerated review and release processes.
  • Cost savings through faster processing.
  • Clearly defined competence regulations.
  • Error reduction through standardized processes.
  • Optimization of the purchase-to-pay process.
  • Full transparency through logs, histories and the cockpit function.
  • Revision security.
  • Search for original documents is omitted.
  • Existing signing rules can be used.
  • Payment terms are adhered to.
  • Payment discounts can be increased thanks to fast processing.

If you have questions about the new features of the SAP workflow tool biz²DocumentControl, feel free to contact our support team!