UNICEF Donation of inPuncto for families in Mosambique

Hilfe Flut MosambikinPuncto makes donations to support children in need suffering from severe flood

After receiving a letter from UNICEF organizing an urgent donation for families in Mozambique, we immediately decided to take part and make a donation. The country is suffering from extreme weather conditions which put a lot of lives under risk.

A severe whirlwind set up damage for a lot of country residents and a lot of them deprived them of their homes. Moreover, people in impacted areas don’t have enough food, potable water and required medicaments. Consequently, a lot of families are malnourished and at risk of having massive health problems.

Through our donation we could make a contribution in times of great need. We are happy to be able to support UNICEF on the way to providing kids in Mozambique and their families with emergency shelter and other necessary things like special nutritious food, medicine and potable water.

You can also support UNICEF and with your donation help to fight famine and dangerous illnesses in Africa.

Picture: © UNICEF/UN0294225/DE WET