inPuncto scanner software for SAP: Direct scanning at goods receipts and purchase

SAP scanner software for direct scanning at goods receipt and purchaseFollow-up project in the field of digital archiving at a North German clinic

After successfully introduction of invoice processing (with and without order reference) at our customer, a North German clinic, we were entrusted with a follow-up project in the area of digital archiving: The customer requested a solution to integrate our existing SAP scanner software biz²Scanner into the booking process. All documents belonging to a booking should be available as attachments in our already existing SAP archive biz²Archiver and the documents should also be able to be added later.

Integration of the scanner software into the booking process

In order to fulfil this customer request, we have proceeded as follows: We have integrated our scanner software biz²Scanner into the booking process of the SAP transactions MIGO and ME21N, whereby the biz²Scanner is automatically called inPlace during every booking process. The transaction MIGO is used to store the delivery note and the transaction ME21 to store the accompanying documents (for example, quotations).

All documents are available as attachments to the order

After all documents (delivery notes, generated orders and order accompanying documents) have been entered, they are then archived in an audit-proof manner with our SAP archiving software biz²Archiver. The documents are now available as attachments to the purchase order, that is, a delivery note is not only linked to the material document, but also to the purchase order via ArchiveLink. Our customer can now also scan documents to the existing SAP objects (here: material document / order) via the generic object services via biz²Scanner.

Existing inPuncto add-ons have been adapted and extended

The customer’s request could be realized in less than one month with our existing add-ons. Since our software is modular and flexibly expandable, the existing components could be smoothly adapted to the new requirements. For the realization neither additional software nor high training effort was necessary.