Schenck Process GmbH

Realisation of the automated invoice processing in SAP & archiving of order confirmations 

SchenckCompany size: approx. 2 500 employees worldwide

Branch: mechanical and plant engineering

Country: Germany (Darmstadt)

Challenge: customisation of the inPuncto add-ons concerning the special requirements for the invoice processing and the purchasing

Used modules for the realisation of the solution: biz²ScanServer, biz²DocumentControl

Concerning departments: accounting, bookkeeping, finances, purchasing

Project description: With the modularity and flexibility of our different software products, like the automated inbox processor biz²ScanServer or the workflow management tool biz²DocumentControl, we, as IT partner, could realise the special requirements of Schenck Process concerning the invoice processing.

Usage: The Software for invoice processing could be optimally adjusted to the requirements of Schenck Process.

Company description: The company was founded in 1881 as iron foundry and scales factory in Darmstadt (Germany). Today Schenck Process is the worldwide leader in applied measurement technology. The company has locations in twenty countries worldwide. The portfolio contains mechanical development and optimisation of the processes of weighing, dosing, automatization, as well as air filter technicals and services.

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