Archiving in the cloud

Safe archiving of SAP files and documents in the cloud

Archive software for sap cloud with inPunctoBecause the archiving in cloud environments may be more favourable and more carefree, it is an interesting alternative for the local saving of data in an infrastructure, because the backup, the care and the management of the storage media get omitted.

In addition to the gain of productivity also an optimisation of the data traffic and the network bandwidth is achieved. Whenever the question arises about how save the documents are in the cloud: Our biz²Archiver for Cloud offers a SAP archive that protects your data and documents.

Thanks to the prefixed crypto mechanism we can ensure the safety and reliability of your online archive.

SAP data and documents in all current formats are similarly audit-proof archived like in your infrastructure – with distinctly less effort!

How does the cloud-archiving for your SAP data work?

biz²Archiver for Cloud archives SAP data and documents in all current formats. External generated SAP files that were allocated to any business objects for example can be archived.

They are provided in the safe company or customer area and saved in the cloud archive directly after being generated via e.g. SAP ArchiveLink. The storage in the cloud environment happens fragmented, encoded and compressed.

If an archived file is needed during the communication with SAP, it is – together with other corresponding original documents – get and decoded via cache storage of the biz²Archiver! The cache can be cleared at the end of the session so that only the original file stays online.

Odds are also to file and archive files and documents from the document information record (DIR) of SAP business objects.

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biz²Archiver for Cloud Computing by inPuncto

biz²Archiver for Cloud Computing by inPuncto


The benefits of the archiving in the cloud by inPuncto

  • Cost savings because the backup, care and management of storage media get omitted.
  • Decentral access independent of place and time.
  • Maximal security because no access can be initiated outside of SAP and the cache is cleared at the end of the session (no local copy of the document).
  • Access independent of the SAP release.

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Compliance requirements and audit-security for your document-related processes with inPuncto ECM software

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