OPTIMA packaging group GmbH

Realisation of document management in SAP with the ECM-Suite

OptimaCompany size: 2 050 employees

Branch: engineering and plant construction

Country: Germany (Schwäbisch Hall)

Challenge: Realisation of the whole document management in SAP

Used modules for the realisation of the solution: biz²ScanServer, biz²DocumentControl, biz²Viewer, biz²Archiver, biz²Office

Concerning departments: accounting, bookkeeping, finances

Project description: The OPTIMA packaging group GmbH has been using the inPuncto solution for multiple years now: SAP is the leading system. By using our products Optima can now scan, integrate MS-Office and archive documents and SAP data. In addition barcode scenarios (e.g. late archiving, etc.) as well as automated invoice processing could be realised.

Usage: SAP ist he leading system concerning the whole document management, and all products come from a single source, so that a maximum compatibility of the SAP add-ons can be guaranteed.

Company description: The worldwide leader in packaging machinery and bottling installations was found in 1922 and is family-run in the third generation already. The company´s portfolio contains the conception and realisation of branch and customer specific machineries and installations for pharmaceutical, consumer, nonwovens and life science products. Optima hat three german and 13 international company sites (Europe, Asia, North and South America).

Here you can read the reference story “Document management in SAP: Optima Group” as a pdf file

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