KPMG AG auditing company

Realisation of the automated invoice processing

KPMGCompany size: 174 000 employees worldwide, approx. 9 800 employees in Germany

Branch: auditing, tax and company consultancy

Country: Ireland (Dublin)

Challenge: Realisation of the automated invoice processing

Used modules for the realisation of the solution: biz²Scanner, biz²ScanServer, biz²DocumentControl

Concerning departments: accounting, bookkeeping, finances

Project description: We were very pleased, when KPMG chose us as their IT partner. An internationally renowned auditing company is using our inPuncto products. Those have been checked in advance and found to be good, so that the company’s specific requirements could be realised.

Usage: a customized solution for the automated invoice processing

Company description: The auditing company KPMG was founded in 1890 as a German-American trust in Berlin to protect German capital investments in America. It is the oldest German auditing company. Today, KPMG is one of the leading auditing and consultant companies, and has more than twenty locations in Germany. KPMG is being represented in 155 countries worldwide. The company’s business segments are audit, tax, consulting and deal advisory.

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