Certified by SAP: the inPuncto archive biz²Archiver is a perfect addition to the SAP-System


SAP Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaverAfter successfully undergoing the test scenarios BC-AL 7.20, the SAP Germany SE & Co.KG once again rewarded the inPuncto product biz²Archiver with the official certificate „SAP Certified for Integration with SAP NetWeaver“.

For the certificate, SAP has checked via HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), wether the archive software biz²Archiver succesfully communicates with the SAP-System.

The biz²Archiver fulfilled all requirements and has again been confirmed its official SAP-compatibility with the certificate „SAP Certified for Integration with SAP NetWeaver“.

The certified and full-integrated archive solution for your SAP-system

With the biz²Archiver by inPuncto, you invest in a certified and fully integrated archive solution for your SAP-system. You don’t have to change your habits, but can continue working with the usual interface known to you from SAP.

Since the archive software biz²Archiver is connected via the standard interface of HTTP, the transfer of requested documents is not realized via the SAP-application server, but directly between front end and archive. Not only does this mean that your SAP-application server is relieved, but also that documents cannot be researched and displayed outside of SAP – thereby, your data is perfectly save from any unjustified access.