Invoice workflow automation under SAP S/4HANA

Customer Project: Invoice workflow automation SAP S/4HANAWorkflow automation of incoming invoices at a German charity organization

Our customer has to process numerous invoices every month. Thus, he requires a flexible solution that could process special document types and is compatible with SAP S/4 HANA. After comparing different providers, the organization decided to take the inPuncto solution, as it specializes in the incoming invoice workflow.

Automation of the incoming invoice workflow for invoices without order reference under SAP S / 4HANA

In order to automate invoice processing for invoices without an order reference for our customer, the following inPuncto products were integrated in the existing SAP S/4HANA system:

The advantage of the inPuncto solution – in contrast to broad-based ECM solutions – is that inPuncto works with the SAP workflow container instead of with pre-recorded documents. As a result, the processes are very flexible and workflows do not have to be completely stopped, canceled and set up again in the event of changes, but can be easily edited.

The charity organization receives invoices in both paper and electronic form. Paper invoices are first recorded in batches with the biz²Scanner and then imported into the SAP system with the biz²ScanServer. Electronic invoices are imported directly into the SAP system using the biz²ScanServer. Both types of invoices are read out using OCR / ICR and compared with the master data stored in SAP in order to start the workflow for validation, checking and approval of invoice documents. The incoming invoices are then archived via the ArchiveLink.

Special customer requirements for invoice processing

One of the requirements our customer had for invoice processing was the automatic processing of various types of documents, e.g. customer invoice, customer credit, recurring accounts receivable and G / L account document etc.

Another requirement was that an internal supplier, so-called IC supplier, should automatically create an incoming invoice workflow by creating an incoming invoice in SAP for each outgoing invoice in the invoice cockpit.

The third requirement concerned invoice rejection. If an invoice is rejected, the person scanning it in will now receive confirmation by email. This is also possible for users who scan without an SAP account.

Perfectly customized solution and inclusion of other accounting areas

The total duration of the project was four months and the new solutions were quickly accepted by the employees. Thanks to the intuitive operation of the inPuncto software, the training requirement was also very low. With our solution, the social institution can now also make cross-company code postings very easily, and the inclusion of additional company codes is planned for next year. The customer is very satisfied with the solution, as all of his requirements have been taken into account and met by inPuncto, which is going to save a lot of time when processing invoices.

Our customer manages several foundations that help children, youth and elderly, offer promotion and training support. The organization with around 500 employees is one of the largest providers of social institutions and support measures in southern Germany.