December 20th 2010: inPuncto says thank you: social work instead of buying presents

And soon, another year has gone by…

It´s almost Christmas, which always means: buying presents. Instead of giving away the usual gifts to our customers and partners, inPuncto decided to demonstrate social commitment this year.

In cooperation with the international children´s charity organisation Plan International Deutschland e.V., we will take over a godparenthood for a little girl from Sudan. Plan International Deutschland e. V. ist he biggest non-governmental organisation in Germany with the aim to strengthen the qualitiy of life for children and to ensure their existence on a long term.

With the godparenthood we will be helping a nine year old sudanese girl, her family and the community she lives in – and that not only during Christmas time. Thanks to regular contributions, different measures will be supported, e.g. the renovation of the municipal school, the equipping of hospitals and the improvment of the accessibility to clean drinking water.

We would very much like to thank our customers and partners. We hope that you like our idea as much as we do!
We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


The inPuncto team