inPuncto – certified safety for our customers

inPuncto was certified by the auditing company Ebner Stolz Mönning & Bachem

The certificate refers to the product portfolio biz²BusinessSuite by inPuncto. inPuncto also offers special solution for document management and uses the SAP business logic of the customer as well as their standart functions.

The experts from Ebner Stolz Mönning & Bachem didn´t audit the safety of the SAP system, but only „the implementation and production startup of the software products from inPuncto“. Or, as exactly definded by the experts: „Subject of our audition ist the validation of the inPuncto software products for the automated document processing and archiving with the compliance of the policy for proper accounting.“ Because especially the scanning and archiving processes affect commercial and fiscal policies.

Focus of the audition: processing functions, software safety & documentation

The audition was performed based in the PS 880 from the Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer (IDW) with the focus on processing functions, software safety and documentation. The result: „The audited software product inPuncto inPuncto biz²BusinessSuite for SAP with the modules biz²Scanner, biz²Validator, biz²ScanServer, biz²Archiver, meets the criteria for proper accounting.“  The auditors from Ebner Stolz Mönning & Bachem, who belong to the top ten in Germany, emphasize, that the certificate does not include liability for third parties. The certificate is a software confirmation. The CEO of inPuncto Dr. Frank Marcial says: „For us, it´s not about liability in this case. We now feel confirmed from an independet point, that our products for document management in SAP meet the legal criteria for proper accounting.“

This is already the second certificate for inPuncto this years. In February 2013 the company was certified with a creditworthiness certificate by CrefoZert. The software company inPuncto from Esslingen, Germany is now part of a small exclusive circle of german companies, who got certificated for an extra-ordinarily good crediworthiness, integrity and great perspectives.  The certifictae is only given to those companies, who don´t show any credit risks. Until now there have only been 570 certified in Germany.

inPuncto philosophy: high quality standarts in the software development & strong customer focus

inPuncto see themselves a being well-positioned with both certificates. Dr. Ing. Frank Marcial says: „The certificate proves our solid company politics and shows that we are a solvent and reliable company. With the certificate, we can also give our customers, partners and suppliers the trust we receive from them. On the other hand we got the software certificate from Ebner Stolz Mönning & Bachem, which shows that our products meet the accounting criteria as well as the commercial and fiscal policies.“ Both certificates reflect the inPuncto philosophy, the high quality standarts in the software development and the customer focus.