Our year 2014: a throwback

inPuncto GmbH2014 is almost over and it´s time for a little throwback!



  • In january our products got some new features: With the new biz²DocumentControl users can be involved in the releasing process of invoices over Outlook. With a new compression process for PDF files you can save lots of memory in the archive.
  • In february we could ensure one of our swiss customers to access data quickly, coded and safely by using our inPuncto Caching and the feature of preloading data in a small archive, even in their network vulnerable branch in China.
  • In april we released a new version of our validation tool biz²DocumentControl. The standart entry field have been extended.
  • In march we registered inPuncto as a protected brand in China, Japan and the United States.
  • In may inPuncto received the CrefoCert by the business report.
  • In october our homepage got a new design and our matrioshkas, who represent our products, have been integrated in the design.
  • In november the inbox-processor biz²ScanServer got an update. Now it´s handling is more comfortable and more flexible.
  • In november & december we offered a lot of new free webinars, where we payed a lot attention to our users wishes and requirements. Because our webinars were being very popular, we are planning to offer them again in 2015!

We are looking forward to 2015 and are very excited about what it will hold for us!