A few christmas thoughts


inPuncto wish you a very merry christmasOnly a few days left and the long wished for christmas hollydays will beginn. But in those last days there´s a lot of stress: everyone buys presents in crowded stores and is hoping that the online ordered last minute gifts will arrive on time. The menue for the christmas dinner needs to be planned, many people get in traffic jams on their way home – not very relaxing and contemplative.

But when being extremly stressed, sometimes the best thing is to be still, breathe and consider: Wouldn´t it be nicer to give away selfmade gifts? Do I really have to stress myself out because of a dinner menue?

At last, it´s a lot more exciting to experience this time of the year in a relaxing way. Instead of having the same way too high expectations every year, we should try to realise it´s not that important to get the perfect present. The important thing ist to spend some time with you loved ones.

We wish you a very merry christmas with your families and friends, and a happy new year!