inPuncto workflow management software update: New features & optimized usability

inPuncto Workflow-Tool für SAP UpdateDigital document approval and workflow management is even easier and smarter: What’s new in version 2.1.129 of biz²DocumentControl?

biz²DocumentControl is a special workflow management solution that helps users streamline and control their elaborate and time-consuming document-based workflows.

This allows your company or organization to quickly and easily edit, approve, reject, or annotate large volumes of documents. It is possible to include all involved in the workflow automatically or manually. Process participants do not necessarily have to start the workflow tool in SAP via Cockpit or Business Workplace. It is also possible outside of SAP via web, e-mail (even without an internet connection, for example on a plane or train) or mobile app. Non-SAP specialists can also be integrated into the review and approval workflow.

Optimizations of the new version 2.4.129 of the workflow management tool:

  • Sorting now takes place on the basis of barcode identification.
  • The tree view of the available work items in the program call scenario from the Windows Start menu has been revised and improved.
  • After finishing a work item with “OK”, the next work item is automatically selected and loaded.
  • The extended / reduced nodes of the tree view are preserved at program runtime.
  • The entries in the Windows-based search help (SAP entries “KNTNRS”) have been revised and are now arranged in columns.
  • Due to integration of biz²Viewer 6.1.16, further special formats for PDF documents can now be displayed correctly.

If you have questions about the update or the inPuncto solutions in general, feel free to contact our support team!