Webinars and seminars – document management in SAP, workflow and archiving


inPuncto GmbHWe announce our release summer 2015 schedule for webinars and seminars in German

You can benefit from attending our free online webinars on the themes:

Automated processing of receipts (Seminar), more about the theme

Implementation of electronic personnel file (Seminar), more about the theme

Electronic invoices – workflow of email receipts (PDF), more about the theme

SAP HCM: Personnel File – structure, functions & reports, more about the theme

Barcode archiving of documents in SAP, more about the theme

SAP FI CO: Cockpit for receipts – transparency & control, more about the theme

SAP ECM: inPuncto MS-Word add-on – the intelligent document generation for SAP, more about the theme

Find here the upcoming events. For webinars and seminars in English, please inquire here