Social commitment: inPuncto employees & company are committed to working together

Social commitment 2019 inPunctoinPuncto & employees made Christmas donations in a joint social campaign

inPuncto has supported various social organizations and associations for years with donations and the personal commitment of our CEO. Especially children and elderly benefit from donations and social projects supported by inPuncto.
For years we have been giving up on Christmas gifts and donating to charities for a good cause instead.
This year our socially committed employees also took part in out Christmas action, so we could give even more meaningful presents together.
All interested parties were allowed to select organizations that they would particularly like to support and to inform us about them.

These included Seenotretter, Reitverein Bruchhausen, Viva con Agua, Kobra, Große Hilfe and Frauen helfen Frauen.

With the donations from inPuncto and our employees, we were able to do a good deed together and make a contribution to people in difficult life situations. We are happy about the social commitment of our team and place great value on being socially active and sustainable this year and aiding other non-profit organizations together.